Green Livelihoods Alliance (GLA)

GLA works with partner CSOs and strengthens CSO´s capacities to put the right local, national and international public and private sector policies in place so that conditions are met in which communities can engage with stakeholders from the public and private sector to jointly decide on land use. This is:inclusive and sustainable governance of forested landscapes.
In Indonesia, NTFP-EP Indonesia works in Lariang landscape, Central Sulawesi togehter with two consortium namely: SIKLUS Consortium and ROA Consortium. In the landscape, the GLA aims to contribute to landscape governance that is more inclusive and more conducive towards sustainable landscape management. To monitor and evaluate of this overall goal of the GLA, we have developed a methodology to assess the status of inclusive and sustainable governance. By using this methodology to establish a baseline and endline of the status of governance at both moments in time, changes in landscape governance can be identified. At the end of the programme, we will assess to what extent GLA interventions contributed to these changes in governance.

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